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Sep 9, 2020


Groundbreaking data and decades of scientific inquiry make it possible for Valuegraphics to provide the most powerful audience insights on earth. 

Your target audience is biologically and psychologically hardwired to chase after what they care about. It’s what humans do. Valuegraphics can detect what your audience is focused on, so you can easily connect the dots between what you have and what they want. 

This is innovative behavioral research that will change the way you look at the world.


David Allison is a human behavior expert, and the pioneer of Values Thinking. He is the founder of Valuegraphics, the first global database built to predict and influence the behavior of entire target audiences.

He uses the Valuegraphics Database to provide behavioral insights for a roster of global brands, and in turn, donates his work to global humanitarian organizations like the Environmental Defense Fund and the United Nations Foundation. 

His bestselling book, WE ARE ALL THE SAME AGE NOW was listed by INC Magazine as one of the top ten leadership books of the year, and Kirkus Reviews called it a "genuinely authentic contribution to the field of marketing literature."

David speaks globally about engaging and influencing target audiences, with custom data for every keynote address. He is represented by the National Speakers Bureau and the Global Speakers Agency.