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Nov 6, 2023

Entelechy Academy is the intentioned ‘entelechy’ of David’s career and life purpose – his mentoring legacy project – where he wants to make a positive difference to millions by supporting them (and himself) to actualise their potential and become the very best version of themselves.
A 40+ year career has had a ‘red-thread’ of creating new business concepts and making them become a reality, despite being regularly told ‘that's not possible’. A tenacious visionary who bravely and courageously ‘gets stuff done’ that others often thought impossible.
During his life, David has built a unique and precious asset. Not only has he understood the fundamental importance of character qualities as the foundation of personal growth and development. He has and for the first time, codified those qualities and developed a framework that links those qualities to the soft and technical skills that people need to succeed.
During his twenties, David spent ten years in investment banking and private equity (living abroad in the USA, UK, Europe, Middle and Far East) where he learned a lot about how to do business in many key cultures around the world – as well as being involved in many business verticals. In his thirties he transitioned from advisor/consultant to be an entrepreneur in the UK leisure sector, including two start-ups, the first of which was sold, and the second launched on the AIM stock market.
David spent the next 14 years building and leading, as Founder, CEO and Chairman, Merryck & Co., which eventually became the world’s leading CEO Business Mentoring Company. In 2010, he exited — and launched himself as THE MENTOR — using the techniques in his first book BREAKTHROUGH.
David has enjoyed the highest of personal and business successes — as well as survived a few failures and near disasters, plus 20 years as a single parent, each time making a comeback as a ‘better version of himself’.
David is a zen master at equanimity, and would be described by those who have worked with and for him as high impact, determined, creative, intelligent, imaginative, curious, interesting, and interested.
David’s belief in others is matched only by his restless frustration that so little is done to unlock the potential that we all have. The Entelechy Academy practically addresses this challenge, for the benefit of individuals and society alike.