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We're focused on helping Businesses, Brands, Advertising Agencies, PR Firms, Digital Agencies, and Consultants with strategies for successful Social Media, Business and Content.

Jul 6, 2022

I started digital advertising with my e-commerce site in 2003 B.G. (Before Google). Perry Marshall was one of my early mentors and overtime I mastered PPC and AdWords. Perry began to recommend me to clients. I evolved from just managing my e-commerce site to forming Clients and Clients an agency to help more businesses succeed online.

To date we have managed over $100,000,000 in ad spend for our clients. Managing over $25,000,000 in Google ads and over $75,000,000 in Facebook ads has taught us that every piece of the puzzle needs to be firing to get a significant ROI on a digital ad spend. Ad Copy, images, landing pages, email, lead follow-up and more.

We are analytics obsessed! We dissect every component of a campaign to ensure your advertising dollars are not being wasted, and then quickly scale the winning campaigns.

The clients we have the most experience working with consist of:

1. Real estate education and services
2. Personal injury attorneys
3. Insurance (auto, auto warranties, health, home)
4. Personal financing/loans
5. Luxury boutique travel
6. Thought leaders
7. Event and seminar leaders

Our clients choose us because we are laser-focused on:

- Delivering cutting edge advertising methods, as we always remain ‘in the know’ as to what is working best today
- Generating more qualified buyers while reducing the cost per buyer
- Eliminating wasted advertising dollars
- Scaling campaigns quickly that are making money vs. getting cheap leads
- Helping our clients to outperform their competitors
- Looking beyond the cost per lead, to the more critical metric, the cost per buyer, lifetime value and return on ad spend.

We are experienced in managing ad spends for individual clients in the tens of thousands up to multi-million dollars campaigns.

If you would like to maximize your results with your digital advertising spend, I would be happy to share some insights on how we can help. Email me at