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Aug 16, 2021

Tyler J. Watson is a master energy healer and the creator of the Abundance Alignment Technique previously known as (C.A.T.), a landmark breakthrough in the science of getting real results from energy work. With more than 25 years of healing experience and mastery in hundreds of different modalities, Tyler now helps high achievers get fully unstuck so they can get results 10xs faster in 12 weeks or less.

As author of the #1 Amazon bestseller “The Enrollment Effect", he puts his family first ahead of business endeavors. He has had the privledge to share the stage with Sharon Lechter, Dan Clark, Richard Paul Evans, Tim Ralston, Maria Whalen, Ted McGrath, David Fagan, Ann Washburn and many others. With over 30,000 hours of personal coaching on relationships and business strategies, he has impacted people worldwide to truly master the heart of communication from the inside out.

Here is a bit of my story...
I started my journey as a speaker and a coach over 6 years ago. I started with $400 in my bank account, in debt, recently married and struggling to provide for my new wife with little to no income.

I was from Arkansas and had very few connections and had struggled with finances, video games and porn addiction since the age of 12. As I learned about the power of the mind and the power that we all have when we are aligned with our missions, I felt spiritually led to speak and become a coach and leave my clinic as a Thai massage therapist behind. It was scary and hard but I stayed committed to my impressions.

I also wanted to get my wife her dream grand piano and thought it would take years to do (those things aren’t cheap) and dedicated my efforts to becoming successful. However, enrolling clients and sales was one of my weakest points and my first year I made $12,500 total annual income. (my rent was $550 so we made it but this was not my dream). The dream seemed so far away the harder I tried.

Using the principles that I now know to be true, that next year we broke six figures and I got my wife her dream piano. We ended up doubling our income the following year and continuing growing year after year while more importantly balancing a great family life.

Now, I continue to help high achievers who know the power of personal development get unstuck and attain their goals in days instead of years while thriving in every area of their life.

Someone once labeled me as “A mix between Toni Robbins and Houdini” and it’s stuck ever since.