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May 25, 2020

Brian is the visionary behind Conscious Content LLC, who was born to be an entrepreneur. His passion for business led him to the University of Florida to learn business administration and quickly set him on a path which would see him start five successful companies. He enjoyed an outstanding career in the investment and finance industry, serving clients in public and private equity, real estate and mortgage, and teaching and advising investment strategies at the state and Federal level. A compassionate humanitarian at heart, Brian longed to do more with his time and abilities than simply turn a profit. As a result, he cultivated a significantly important niche as he worked on the documentary entitled Light in the Darkness as its business manager and began to formulate the business model to expand his vision of creating documentaries on a broader scale with his co-founder Kimberly Resch and their team Shaman Motion Pictures. This led to the formation of Conscious Content and their non-profit Conscious Humanity Inc. As CEO, Brian oversees the operations of the business to ensure the right people contribute and is creating a cohesive creative team as well as a balance of capital and fiduciary responsibility. He is a charismatic negotiator and all around “good guy.” Brian is devoted to his two daughters and lives daily by his great faith and spirituality.

Kimberly is the co-founder and creative driving force behind Conscious Content LLC. While attending the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, she majored in marketing and communications which led her to create and eventually sell a successful communication technology company. By age 25, she followed her heart into the unlikely realm of finance and emotional wellness education, developing and leading trauma recovery wellness retreats in nine countries around the world. In 2013, Kimberly returned to America to work for a family-owned business leading their marketing and public relations departments. Soon after, Kimberly developed the idea for the award-winning documentary, Light in the Darkness. She produced the film after building a strong creative relationship with Shaman Motion Pictures. Kimberly introduced the film and the principals of Shaman to Brian, who, upon recognizing the exceptional content and quality of production, began to formulate the vision for Conscious Content LLC. With her educational and experiential backgrounds coming together, she developed and launched the company with a vision of becoming “Humanity’s Media Company”, giving a powerful and compassionate voice to the global community. Kimberly oversees operations and works in close relationship with partners and investors. She is the proud mother of three amazing sons, one multipoo Jasper and two crazy boxer puppies, Phoenix and Apollo.



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