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Dec 9, 2019

Prior to starting his Business Coaching Practice in July of 2004, Monte’s extensive career includes sales representative, sales trainer, sales manager, customer relationship marketing manager, and market development manager through 14 years in the agricultural input industry.

  • Five time Executive Coach of the Year
  • One of the most experienced, effective and award winning business executive coaches in the world
  • Ranks in the top 1% of Action Coaches in the world


Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Be Real Show, Travis is joined by Monte Wyatt who helps executive coaches build a strong and consistent profitable businesses through his holistic approach.  Monte has been working with companies to bring clarity on how they lead and manage their business. Monte talks about his book Pulling Profits out of a Hat and how he wants to add zeros all around the world. He’s begun by licensing facilitators to implement the concepts of the book to spread the message. They discuss how important it is to create leverage in your business so it continues to succeed when you are gone.




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