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Be Real Show

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Feb 24, 2015

In the past week, I’ve heard this question multiple times “What do I post on my pages?” so I thought I would share my insights on what’s worked for me & our clients. 

I truly believe that social networking is an art form. There’s really no way of saying what makes the perfect post because like artwork, everyone has a different perception!   Too often I see marketers turn their social media accounts into the traditional “old-school” advertising channel, using messages that are completely over thought and not engaging with their customers and/or social media fans & followers!


My suggestion…. Snap out of it, and follow a couple of these suggestions that I’ve seen truly work for our campaigns without having to pay for any additional boosting of posts!

1)     Be Personal – Show off the team, show off the minds behind the social media, what happens behind the scenes that no one gets to see!  Show this off!!