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Sep 21, 2023

Understanding how to utilize private jets to serve your lifestyle or business needs can feel like a complex undertaking. At Ventura Air Services, we help people who want to charter or acquire an aircraft as well as those who already own but want to reduce costs or want support in maintaining their aircraft. I welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with you.

Growing up at my parent’s flight school, I was immersed in the world of private aviation. My earliest memories are of completing my coloring books from the back of a prop plane. At 16, I earned my license to fly solo and mechanics certification. By 19, I was piloting jets. As CEO of Ventura, I help people create their own private aviation lifestyle.

This is how we make it possible:
• Define and source the right aircraft for your mission and secure financing
• Set up ownership structures to maximize tax and financial benefits
• Manage all aspects of your plane so you only need to show up for flights
• Help make a financial return while reducing ownership costs
• Hire and provide experienced pilots and crews
• Find the right type of charter aircraft for your travels to anywhere
• Provide certified and licensed aircraft maintenance, avionics services and complete aircraft upgrades

I’ve heard colleagues say that the number one thing they would do if they made a big exit or had a big financial win is buy a jet. Once I show them the numbers, most are shocked that chartering and owning don’t require as much investment as expected. This inspired my book: Own Your Own Plane: It Costs Less Than You Think. Amazon:

To make the dream of owning a plane possible, we created an aircraft ownership program that allows for an incredible tax benefit while eliminating fixed costs and provides a revenue stream to offset costs.

When I am not flying or leading Ventura, I write and perform music in NYC. I enjoy biking, snowboarding, and talking about big ideas.