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Sep 18, 2023

At WageScape (formerly Greenwich.HR), we believe that your time is best spent creating solutions, not collecting data. We have made it our mission to offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date labor market data, opening doors to efficient, world-changing innovation.

As CEO, serving our clients and building outstanding partnerships and meaningful relationships is the best part of my job. I have combined 35+ years of engineering, military, consulting, and operations leadership in tackling massive challenges and achieving organizational growth. Our Greenwich.HR team takes a serious and impactful approach to tackling big market issues, providing the best data to drive the best decisions, and helping businesses succeed in an $80T market.

✅ We are proud to have world-class clients
➤ Possessing an unmatched scope of labor information and high-performing analytics tools, we generate excellence on behalf of prestigious organizations worldwide, including Walmart, Aon, Stanford University, and Yahoo Finance.

✅ We build flexible, trusting, longstanding partnerships
➤ Striving to make our clients and partners proud, we work closely with consulting and enterprise technology firms, financial services groups, and developers to achieve compelling goals.

✅ We have the most comprehensive labor market dataset in the world
➤ Building robust datasets that power labor analytics, we use patented AI technology that updates data from 5.6M hiring organizations across 210 countries and all industries.

✅ We bring unrivaled timeliness, scale, and precision
➤ Allowing savvy data science and analytics teams to answer important questions, we make it simple to incorporate market insights aligned with specific application, service, and cost requirements.

✅ We enable insights, innovation, and endless possibilities
➤ Defining a new approach to the market for data, we unlock value by identifying trends, predicting market disruptions, decreasing risk, and driving innovation and profitability.

➤ Three of the world's leading universities have utilized WageScape data to predict financial performance and trading strategies that outperform the S&P 500 by 5% or more.
➤ Integral to a Global Human Capital/Financial Services Consulting Firm building and launching an entire product line, creating a new practice and revenue stream.
➤ Provided data for a Global Media/Information Services Company to create a premium product that provided more insights on the company outlook, resulting in 20K users and $25M in new revenue.

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