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Feb 10, 2023

I'm on a mission to ignite a massive shift in human consciousness.

How to Trust in The Divine and End Your Suffering Despite What’s Going on in Your Life

Ever notice how when a traumatic event happens your mind starts spinning? Our thoughts can become trapped in the past or anxious about an event happening again in our future. We relive this traumatic event over and over again in our heads.

This causes us to suffer, sometimes unbearably.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Fortunately, there is an alternative that brings relief and allows us to move forward once again. Through her own journey of pain and suffering, author Dr. Nancy Wiley had a spiritual awakening that resulted in emotional freedom. In Divine Trust, she offers a direct and easy step-by-step solution to end your stress and despair.

Based on 44 years of carefully researched scientific and spiritual principles, and direct experience the wisdom in Divine Trust will give you unquestioning knowing that:

There is a Divine Source that is hosting the energy of all things, including you.
This Source is sentient and alive and is calling to you and wants you to see it.
This Source is gentle, generous, forgiving, forever giving, nurturing, and most importantly, loving.
Once you surrender to Divine Trust, your life takes on a whole new and enriched level of living. It is almost like moving from living in black and white to living in rich, vibrant, technicolor! You are in effect bringing Heaven to yourself!

In Divine Trust you will also develop the confidence and experience to have:

A feeling of a deep and nourishing connection to this Divine Source
An ability to achieve the state of Trust at any time
A confidence in your abilities to navigate through ALL of life’s circumstances
A method for dissolving your suffering
A technique to live in happiness and even bliss
A feeling or a knowing that you are safe
A sense of deep Peace
After practicing the techniques in this book, you may even have a full-blown experience of enlightenment!

We are now on the brink of a massive shift in human evolution, and those reading this are part of that evolution. We are moving out of navigating from the everyday mind and moving into wholeness—the whole alignment of our body, mind, and spirit. When we navigate from this aligned consciousness, we take a quantum leap into living life as divine beings, the highest expression of human potential.

If you are ready and willing to embrace this knowledge, you will end suffering and you will be free! Click the ‘Look Inside’ now to begin reading Divine Trust.

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