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Mar 25, 2022

The actions, mindsets, and activities that built your agency to $1M in sales are not going to get you to $5M.

Getting to $1M took hustle, grit, and determination. YOU invested the time, the sweat, and the energy that build this firm. You learned so much, accounting, HR rules, how to manage, how to sell…the list goes on and on!

But now you are the bottleneck.

👉 You can’t learn it all anymore – you need to hire people who know more than you do!
👉 You can’t be in every meeting, schmooze every client, review all the creative – you need a team to do that.
👉 And the accounting was never your thing, but you need more than a bookkeeper!

How could you ever hire all the help you need without going broke? Besides, if you did, what would your job be?

🗣 “You can only grow your business as big as you grow yourself.” — Julia Pimsleur

What if, instead of pursuing business growth as your metric, you pursued growing your leadership capacity instead?

You might find that the freedom, accomplishment, happiness, and growth you were looking for are available to you in the business that you have. Your company might only grow as a result of your personal growth without the sleepless nights and nail-biting terror that others have experienced.

The life you want to live and the person you want to be don’t come from your circumstances. All of that comes from who you are and how you are in the world.

If you want to experience a shift there, then let’s talk.

🗣️ “Brad gave us a smooth-running agency that is profitable and healthy. In our industry, things are unpredictable, and with Brad’s help, I know we can withstand anything.”

Learning where you are is a great place to start. If you head over to, there’s a brief, 8 question assessment. It can help you to determine what your focus needs to be NOW.