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Oct 29, 2021

My journey is not dissimilar to that of millions of people around the world. I grew up in chaos. My mother was a drug addict and alcoholic. My father abandoned me when I was barely 2 years old. My step-father was hyper abusive, and the kind of guy that you pray never enters your life. We grew up in The Mormon Church where I was molested by one of the Ward’s mothers in the night. Since we were often homeless and the church partitioners took us in I wasn’t allowed to say a word. By the time I was 11 I had been entirely stripped of my childhood. Between the beatings, belittlement, molestation, and homelessness I was ready to kill myself. By 12 I was using drugs daily. One of my brothers and I were adopted by our racist grandmother.

My businesses were booming, but everything else around me was in shambles. I was addicted to sex, porn and love, I was drinking and getting stoned every day, and seeking validation from every external source I could find. I was also in the worst shape of my life at over 140 lbs overweight and morbidly obese. I was stricken with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts. Then one day everything changed.

After another drug and alcohol-fueled night, I woke up hating myself. I hated who I was, and I hated who I had become. As a child, I promised myself that I would be better than the people that brought me into the world and I had broken that promise. I decided in a single moment that everything had to change. Fast forward 6 years and I am the happiest and healthiest that I have ever been.
I no longer seek validation from drugs, booze or women. I have transformed my body and my mind through hard work, dedication, persistence, and unwavering belief that I can do anything.

Today I educate people around the world on the effects of trauma and how to get out of THE VORTEX, take their lives back, and become the person that they know they are. The most important piece of that puzzle is taking the first step.