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Sep 25, 2021

Lana Ivanov is revolutionizing the beauty industry yet again - Vonavi Pro Skin provides products that would be gentle enough not to cause any side effects for any skin type at any age.

The revolutionary product line is a comprehensive, collection-based skincare product designed to bring dramatic results and leave skin looking healthy, younger, and radiant.

All of our formulas have been tested for efficacy, and the active ingredients are extensively researched for true potency and results.

We take great pride that we adhere to GMP standards, we do not test on animals, and are completely paraben-free.

She has a passion for combining high-end technology with health and makeup to create a customized treatment plan that suits her clients’ individual needs.

Advanced Aesthetics is supported by a talented, professional team that is committed to providing you with a full range of personalized, detailed services. Each team member is highly trained and is held to the highest professional standards.