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Jul 30, 2021

If your small business is struggling right now, you’re not alone. 2020 was hard for everyone, especially small businesses.

My own business was affected last year, and it was during this year I realized a massive problem. The world is becoming more and more digital, so if small businesses want to survive and continue to get business, they need to shift their marketing efforts online. However, most of them don’t have the money, time, or knowledge on how to do so.

In the past were a couple options to solve this problem.

1) Small businesses could hire a marketing firm to handle their marketing for them. This can be costly, but can generate good results for some businesses and save them time. However, a lot of marketing agencies screw over small business or just don’t generate enough business for it to be worth it.

2) Small businesses could try and learn digital marketing themselves. There is so much information out there that this can not only be difficult, but also very time consuming. Plus, a lot of the resources out there are not user friendly, or tailored to small businesses.

Neither of these options are ideal for small businesses, which is why I decided to create a third option, The Small Business Digital Roadmap.

The Small Business Digital Roadmap is designed to give you exactly what you need to know to get started with online marketing, without having to waste time and effort scouring the Internet for the answers. All the information in this program is concise and user friendly, so even with no prior digital marketing experience, you can benefit. Finally, the strategies taught in this course have been tested and proven to work for small businesses, so you will be able to generate the same if not better results than hiring a marketing company. The best part: you only have to pay a one time fee and you get access to the program for life.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and book a call with me to find out if The Small Business Digital Roadmap is right for you. This is a 100% free call, with no strings attached. Talk to you soon! -Luke