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Jul 23, 2021

Nate Ritter is a tech entrepreneur, consultant, and former artist. Currently, he serves as the co-founder and CTO at Room Steals ( This website helps people find the best hotel room rates through a very innovative extension for Google Chrome users. Additionally, users can also choose to receive offers and “steals” via email by signing up. For the past 20 years, Nate set out to develop high levels of expertise and skills in the IT industry, serving as a technology consultant and pursuing projects as a SaaS entrepreneur. Nate had the opportunity to work with some of the leading brands in the world throughout his career. These include Microsoft, Land Rover, as well Activision Blizzard, only to mention a few. His work was featured by high-profile media outlets such as Wired Magazine, Mashable, and The Wall Street Journal, among others. Along with Chris Messina, Nate helped popularize the hashtag, now one of the pillars of social media interaction and digital marketing.

When not busy working, Nate loves to spend time with his wife and three children, particularly on the road visiting new places whenever possible. It’s this passion for traveling that inspired his new venture, Room Steals. Nate noticed that most people aren’t taking full advantage of all the offers and opportunities to secure a cheap or even free stay. For about ten years, Nate and his family were able to travel without paying for any hotel or flight, other than processing fees and taxes! He looks forward to helping people unlocking the full potential of their trips and save some money in the process.


He’s an avid fan of audiobooks and podcasts and has a keen interest in psychology and entrepreneurship. Naturally, he has a life-long passion for entrepreneurship and continues to keep up with the latest innovations in the industry.