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Aug 27, 2019

Born in Communist Poland…. Tom and his family escaped to the US when he was 11 in the early 90’s. Tom ran a record store with two older friends. Became a DJ and played at colleges, bars, radio stations, clubs and raves. Three degrees. Two associates and one bachelor. Marketing – Business to business & Sound engineer. Straight out of college I moved to New York and got an internship at Unique Recording Studios. Eventually he moved on to Assistant Engineer and then Engineer before all the studios started shutting down. Had 3 hits in the top 10 on the local polish radio… one was #1 for almost a year. After working in sales for all of these corporations I realized that they were the ones making residual income from my hard work and I always started from zero each month.

Used his SEO skills to talk to local business and landed my initial clients. Before he knew he had an agency with workers and made more than he ever did in his corporate jobs. One of the blog networks that he used for SEO became too popular and Google shut it down.

That left him with 1,500+ blog posts and a team of writers with nothing to do. He told them to start writing books and left them alone. That became profitable and he went on to write 5,000+ books and making $250,000+ Lesson learned for his SEO biz… do not use private blog networks! He created better systems and tighter constraints for what he would pursue but it turned out ok.

He later got a team together and made a documentary about the realities of building/running businesses when on the road.

Over the last few years he got into podcasting. One of his SEO clients is a Muay Thai Champion and he went on to create an online course and market it. He took his new marketing skills to help others build online courses and market them.



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