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Jun 22, 2021

Think for a moment about what happens when you hear “I want to buy, but I just need to think it over/talk to someone/find the money...“: the prospect is giving you some kind of condition you need to accommodate in order for them to move forward.

Since you want to close them, you accommodate the condition to buy - maybe they need a discount, or need time to think it over. But what really happens next?

Doubts, fears, and other people’s opinions flood in. On both sides.

And this is always bad news.

Because once a prospect gets off the phone with you, your chances of closing that sale are going down by the minute. Their risk avoidance mechanism in their brain starts showing them all the reasons why they can’t move forward with you. Other people’s opinions will pitch in too (more about this later).

But there’s one skill that determines 80% of your success. Is your rapport real or superficial?
Often misunderstood, rapport is not built the way you think. Rapport, or lack thereof, is the reason for 80% of stalls, objections, and ghosts-after-the-fact.

Rapport is often built all the way through the call, and then destroyed in the last couple of minutes by either being too aggressive and pushy... or by being a doormat.

If you could learn how to effortlessly move calls to a close without breaking rapport, you would have a major opportunity to build a lasting coaching practice that changes lives - yours included.