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Nov 1, 2019

While other advertisers focus on cost per lead, Casey Carroll focuses on something totally different: cost per acquisition. No, here's his bold claim: If you're a Chiropractor, Dentist, or Auto Dealer, he will help you grow your business, or he will gladly refund your money (he has never had to do this before, so he is confident in this bold promise). When it comes to business growth, Casey takes a holistic look at a potential client to evaluate the "blind spots" that are impacting profit - wasteful ad-spend, inefficient follow-up and systems, and inefficient sales process are the three biggest enemies of growth, and they either are costing you money or opportunities. Casey has a system and method to eliminate each of these profit-sucking problems, and it is Casey's job to ensure that you make more money for every dollar you spend with him than any other agency out there.

 In this episode of the Be Real Show, Casey and Travis open up the show discussing Casey's sales background and how it made him a natural fit to be an excellent advertiser. You can put businesses in different buckets: firms that have a traffic problem and firms that have a conversion problem. Most smaller companies are not suited to start running advertising because the sales process sucks. At the end of the day, cost per acquisition is the only thing that matters. Measuring ads based on cost per acquisition can be the single metric you need to look at from now on. Instagram ads work; Casey has bought rings, shoes, and toys off of Instagram ads. Plus, Casey explains why you should not treat Instagram and Facebook as the same ad platform; they are entirely different. Then, Casey reveals the ways big data can determine things about us that we don't even know yet. Stay tuned to hear Casey answer the top ten questions, including the reason he stopped playing video games.


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