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Jun 15, 2015

         As founder and CEO of Score More Sales, Lori leads efforts for B2B front-line sales growth and works with (or in conjunction with) technology brands worldwide.

         Beginning in technology sales for companies like Apple, IBM, HP and Siemens, Lori rose through the ranks from retail to corporate accounts, then from individual contributor (closing multi-million dollar deals) to inside sales leader. Her last corporate position was as Director of Education for a technology / financial services company in Boston which was sold to Thomson Reuters. There Lori coached and trained in sales, assessed employees, improved customer service, created and led cross-functional manager training and grew bottom-line revenues.

        Interested in social selling? Lori was LinkedIn member #29,426 which means it’s been one of her TOP tools in prospecting training for a long time – and yet it is only ONE part of her multi-faceted strategy called Sales GEMs – for smart, successful, process-minded and worthwhile sales prospecting.


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