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Oct 19, 2018

Jeffrey Weber is a happily retired Auditor from the US Army. He began using the Automated Investing Management (AIM) method over 30 years ago when stationed in South Korea after reading a book from Robert Lichello, "How to Make $1,000,000 in the Stock Market Automatically." Over the past 30 years, he has experimented with and learned from the AIM method. He also gave workshops, wrote a 350-page book on the topic, and started a monthly newsletter on the system. The strong performance and growth in his investments have allowed him to support his family during many challenges. It also has afforded him the ability to be retired with a more comfortable lifestyle. He sees the financial difficulties that others are facing to have a good future and retirement. He wants to help others take control of their financial investing to earn profits with a simple and safe method that will work over a lifetime.

In this episode of the Be Real Show, Jeffrey tells us about his unique styles of investment, and we learn about the Robert Lichello’s Automated Investing Management (AIM) method of managing your investments.  Jeffrey tells us to keep half of our cash and invest the other half.  Also, Jeffrey urges people to start investing as young as possible and always advises investors to buy low and sell high to turn their investments into profits.  Later, Jeffrey explains what two things affect the price of stocks and why financial planners would never advise using the AIM method.

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